Amazon, Instagram… Talking Digital Marketing


As a brand selling products, you want to go all-in on Amazon. “Sixty-five percent of e-commerce sales start within the Amazon search bar.”

Influencer Marketing has a huge ROI. Find the influencers, solicit user-generated content and leverage that content with paid media. “You do not tell your story, someone else is telling it for you.”

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Cost-Effective Video Marketing Ideas


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What kind of Video Content gets the more attention and is more valuable for users?
In this article, Live Video is described as an opportunity to show the brand’s true personality that other mediums can’t match. Some ideas about the best kind of video content are:

-Product Unboxing and Demos
-How-To Videos
-Event Coverages
-Fun Challenges

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You need to know Video Marketing in 2017


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  • “The most important consideration for brands when creating and publishing videos is to look to data to make the most informed decisions on the right content and channel.”
  • Facebook and Youtube still dominate the conversation, with Instagram and Snapchat following. Facebook is superior in engagement, while Youtube wins in Views.
  • 84 percent of consumers say they watch social video content on mobile devices.

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Things to know about the Future of Marketing



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Consumers will expect more useful, personal interactions throughout their research and purchase journeys. Brands need to deliver a frictionless experience that blends the offline and online worlds.

Consumers believe they should receive marketing messages that are tailored to their unique needs. So, once you have a comprehensive view of your customers, the next step is to reach them at the right moment with the right message. And reaching your audience just got much, much easier, thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

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Digital Marketing in the 21st Century


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“High-quality, value-added content, building strong relationships with your audience, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape will always be critical to the success of your marketing efforts. What are the strongest trends in the current marketing landscape?”

-Live Video: “Brands know that people love the in-the-moment type of content, and the widespread accessibility of truly functional live-streamed video offers exactly that. It connects with potential customers instantly and showcases the service or product directly in people’s homes.”

-Influencer Marketing: “We love to make our purchases based on the opinions of real people, and the influencer offers brands the ability to speak through a relatable voice. Up to 70 percent of purchases are made after being “influenced” by an authority in the field.”

-Data & Visualization: “Statistics, data, and reports are all part of the marketer’s job. We use this information every day to measure our audience, market, reach, etc. This information tells us who is buying what, when, why, and how.
But data, in its raw form, is not easily digestible and big data is worthless if it cannot be interpreted efficiently. As people, we can’t naturally read it efficiently, and consumers don’t have the patience to understand and interpret a tables, values, and numbers we would offer them. Data visualization helps us see data better, understand it and, most importantly, use it.”

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Digital Marketing is a Marathon, not a Sprint

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At the recently concluded Tech Manch Digital Conference, Jeff Bullas, digital marketing influencer, spoke about the key pillars for digital marketing success. Some of the highlights:

“I would say digital marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. Most importantly, marketers need to think like publishers if they want to get the best results.”

“I would say that content is the new sale person now and marketing now is an art and science and it needs to be practiced with the same belief,”

“Today as you are creating content, you are leaving a digital footprint. Content needs to be seductive and interesting, and if you can’t make it creative all the time, you can still curate it to get the results.”

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The state of Social Video Marketing


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  • 84% of consumers reported watching social video content on mobile devices, and 64% reported that watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month.
  • Social media video drives brand engagement and sales with 83% of marketers reporting they are confident Facebook video content will drive purchases and 64% of consumers reporting making a purchase after watching a marketing video on Facebook in the last month.
  • 81% of marketers are optimizing their social videos for mobile viewership.

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