How Content Influences Buyers


Pawan Deshpande shares an article about attribution models, and how content influences buyers in their journey. There are different touch-points of an user with a brand or product, and the conversion can happen at any of those moments. In the article, single-touch models, when the conversion occurs fast, are compared with multi-touch ones, in detail.

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Why you need Influencer Marketing


Heidi Cohen shares invaluable insights on Influencer Marketing. In summary:

  • 80%+ of US customers trust recommendations from people they know and 2 out of 3 of US customers trust ratings and reviews posted online.
  • The average customer checks 11 consumer reviews before buying a product.
  • A study discovered that Influencer relations marketing generated 11x ROI!


“True influence drives action, not just awareness”

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The Hottest Digital Marketing Trend


Megan Totka explains why Video is the hottest Marketing trend:

-Every platform and device is now not only Video-friendly, but Video-First.
-Brand storytelling humanizes and allows businesses to connect in a more meaningful way with their customers.
-Video Ads appearing in Search results and ordering a product from inside a Video are some indicators of what Video can do in terms of marketing and sales.

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