Drive immersive customer journeys with Video Marketing


(Via MarTech Advisor)

“There are a lot of ways through which brands are focusing on creating more engaging customer journeys that deliver true value. Over time video has become an integral component of marketing strategies aimed at shoring up brand recognition and loyalty. Video has evolved beyond sending a single message to all consumers, to creating on-on-one, relevant experiences that engage viewers. Studies show that in 2017, 74% of the total Internet traffic will be video”

Video Marketing can be leveraged and integrated with call-to-actions for effective lead generation. It has been shown that Video Marketing effectively improves sales leads, conversions and brand loyalty.

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5 Great tips for using Video in your Social Media Strategy


(Via Social Media Today)

Since video content is an optimal way to capture audience attention and thus the best way to deliver your marketing messages, it’s little surprise that every brand is now leaning towards video marketing.
In this article, there are five tips and best practices that help you to come up with a winning strategy for video marketing on social media networks.

See the tips here, and the following infographic about Video Marketing.


The amazing value of Video Marketing


Eric Wendt, from Brafton, describes the commercial value of using Video Marketing.

90%+ of marketers will rely on video as the cornerstone of their content marketing strategy in 2017. If you are wondering why, the answer is ROI.
83% of them agree that video marketing provides a solid return on investment.

“Video is popular because it’s easy to digest,” said Perry Leenhouts, Senior Creative Director at Brafton. “It’s almost a passive form of absorbing information. You just look and listen. You don’t have to read or go to great lengths to find the information you want.”

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Why 2017 is the year of Video Marketing


“Videos give consumers a quick overview of a product without overwhelming them with text. In a matter of seconds, a consumer can get the information needed about a business, through video.”
“85% of people would rather watch a web video than to read the rest of the text on a page. They further assert that if a consumer enjoys the video, they are 97% more willing to buy the product.”

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