Video Marketing Tips

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Content Quality over Production Quality: Your first priority should be making videos that are both helpful and entertaining for your target audience.

Have a call-to-action near your video. How about including videos in your e-commerce product page? They can directly make the purchase after watching videos.

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Video Marketing usage boosts on Social Media


“The average publisher of social videos increased their video production output 65% during the second quarter of 2017 compared to the first quarter.”

“Increasing video production to grow overall Facebook engagement is an effective strategy.”

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Amazon, Instagram… Talking Digital Marketing


As a brand selling products, you want to go all-in on Amazon. “Sixty-five percent of e-commerce sales start within the Amazon search bar.”

Influencer Marketing has a huge ROI. Find the influencers, solicit user-generated content and leverage that content with paid media. “You do not tell your story, someone else is telling it for you.”

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