The impact of Live Stream on Influencer Marketing


(via Forbes)

  • In 2016, 81% of internet audience members viewed more live content than they did the previous year.
  • Videos on Facebook Live get viewed for three times as long as a pre-recorded video.
  • Live streams appear at the top of social media feeds, so users receive 200% more notifications for live streams than for other activity.

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How Video Marketing extends Brands Image & Reach


– Video works best on social media and mobile devices.
– Your target audience do not read blogs. They prefer watching videos on demand.
– Video is the hottest trend in online content. Brands that cannot provide video will fade behind competitors who can.
– Distinct, memorable videos can help your client develop their brand. The people, style and tone of the videos extend their brand’s image and company culture.

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Amazon, Instagram… Talking Digital Marketing


As a brand selling products, you want to go all-in on Amazon. “Sixty-five percent of e-commerce sales start within the Amazon search bar.”

Influencer Marketing has a huge ROI. Find the influencers, solicit user-generated content and leverage that content with paid media. “You do not tell your story, someone else is telling it for you.”

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Cost-Effective Video Marketing Ideas


(via CMSWire)

What kind of Video Content gets the more attention and is more valuable for users?
In this article, Live Video is described as an opportunity to show the brand’s true personality that other mediums can’t match. Some ideas about the best kind of video content are:

-Product Unboxing and Demos
-How-To Videos
-Event Coverages
-Fun Challenges

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